Swappz Interactive is a digital gaming studio developing groundbreaking mobile games using innovative technologies.
Unlock the earth’s mightiest heroes to battle the bosses of evil. Battle waves of loogies in three worlds; the beach, city and desert and give your Power Rangers the power they need to defeat the big bosses.
I had fun collaborating in this intro for our Power Rangers game, I was in charged of animating a couple of scenes. We were a small team and it was all done in a few days, the time was tight but it was a lot of fun :) 
My role: Modelling, Texturing and Animation.

My role: Animation
Play, feed, teach and care for your own lovable Swappz Smurfs! Add to your little blue family by collecting all eight Swappz Smurfs characters; Papa, Smurfette, Vanity, Clumsy, Grouchy, Brainy, Vexy and Hackus.                                                    iTunes       GooglePlay
Here are some of the animations I did for Smooth Smurf and Party Smurf.
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